Thursday, March 10, 2011


As promised, here is a sneak preview of Integra Air's new head office facility currently under construction at the Lethbridge Airport. We are truly proud of our future new home as it is developing from two existing structures into one complete building featuring hangar space, offices and meeting rooms plus a departures/ arrival area with a stunning view of the airport.
This is the view of the new head office building looking from the Northwest. The original WWII/ Time Air hangar is on the left of the photo. The former Triple M Homes plant is on the right hand side of this photo. The next phase of the development will be built in the middle of the frame between the windows and the concrete firewall visible on the North wall of the old Triple M Homes plant.
This is the Builder's rendering of what the new addition will look like. The two story attachment will feature plenty of glass for a commanding view of the apron to the west where Integra Air flights will depart and arrive.
Here is a closer look at the new departures and arrivals lounge. This building will also house offices for Integra Air's head office along with meeting space, flight planning and pilot rest areas. 
Here is a view of the floor plan of the first floor. You can see the hallway at the top right that will bring our guests from the parking area to the departures and arrivals lounge while passing between the original WWII/Time Air hangar. We are planning to honour the history of our original hangar with a gallery of photos and items that will help portray the days when Lethbridge was home to training air crews for the Second World War and as the home for Time Air.
Though it doesn't look too impressive right now, this concrete wall will serve as part of the hallway that Integra Air's guests will walk down from the parking area to the departures lounge. The wall is the north wall of the south hangar in our new facility. To the left in this photo is the original WWII hangar from when the Lethbridge Airport was home to an Elementary flight training school and later to a Bombing and Gunnery school. The hangar later served as part of the home of Lethbridge based Time Air. We are very proud to be incorporating such an important and historical structure in our new head office structure.
This is what our 70 year old hangar looks like today. These buildings were initially built for a 10 year lifespan yet they still provide service all these years later.
When Time Air used this hangar for their DeHavilland Dash 7 and Dash 8 aircraft in the 1980's, they had to cut a hole in the hangar doors allowing the tail (which was too tall to fit into the hangar) to remain outside while still being able to close the doors!
Here is the inside view of the second hangar building. Triple M Homes used this building to construct manufactured homes here. We will be the first to use this structure as a hangar for aircraft!
We will have plenty of space for aircraft parking and maintenance between our two sizable hangars.
This impressive view will greet our departing and arriving guests when they fly with Integra Air! The open space will allow for a panoramic view of the airport and the beautiful mountains to the West of Lethbridge.
 I am sure you can sense our excitement and anticipation awaiting the final construction of our new facility at the Lethbridge Airport. We hope to be fully operational in the completed building by the end of 2011.

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