Thursday, April 7, 2011


I had the pleasure of attending a session put on by Nav Canada and the Calgary Airport Authority to explain some of the changes forthcoming to the airspace and the facilities of the International Airport. In the course of the visit we were treated to a look at the new expansion that is underway including the new parallel runway and the associated taxiways plus the new control tower.

This is Calgary's current control tower which stands at about 140 feet high at the operational level.

Built before the 1988 Winter Olympics this tower will soon be replaced by a new tower which will be 270 feet high at the operational level and will be located centrally between the parallel runways once the new east runway is completed.

Some of the assembled operations folks from various aviation concerns in the Calgary area.

This is a view of the control tower simulator in the basement of the tower. The view on the screens is so accurate to the actual view. This is located where the approach control used to be located before being transplanted to Edmonton Centre.

Our tour guide gave a most informative walk through of this impressive building.

The realism of this simulator is amazing!
Here is the artists rendering of the soon to be constructed new Calgary International Airport control tower. With the antennas on top, it will measure over 300 feet tall.

Here's a view from the Northeast of the new parallel runway which will actually be "17 L" as the magnetic deviation is expected to change enough before it opens to warrant the name change! The dotted blue line shows where the much debated tunnel will go and the area circled in red will be the new central deicing facility.

A little better view of the new International concourse tinted green. The new building will basically double the size of the existing airport terminal when it is completed.

The best view from ANY desk job ANYWHERE!

Air Canada A330 touches down on arrival from Germany.
If you look really closely at this diagram, you can see the new parallel taxiway that will be built this summer alongside taxiway "Charlie". This will allow two way traffic on the east side of runway 16/34. It is marked in turquoise.

Brent showing us the pretty awesome software that allows the Calgary tower to maximize the airspace for optimum arrivals and departures while the parallel runway is being built to relieve air traffic pressure.

No two ways about view in the world!